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Atmospheric Sciences Program

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The field of the atmospheric sciences is inherently interdisciplinary. Today's graduate students require a broad understanding of the physical, chemical and biological processes affecting the atmosphere, combined with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of specific atmospheric systems, in order to contribute to the solution of key atmospheric sciences questions such as the following.

  • How will atmospheric composition change as human population and emissions grow in the future, and how will these changes affect climate and air quality?
  • In what ways does the biosphere interact with the atmosphere?  How does air pollution impact ecosystems? How do ecosystem changes in response to land use and climate change affect the atmosphere?
  • How will changing climate affect air quality?  What steps are needed to attain acceptable air quality?
  • What are the fundamental processes that govern cloud formation in the atmosphere, and how are those processes altered by human activities?
  • What is the magnitude of aerosol particles' impact on the Earth's energy budget, and what are the contributions of anthropogenic and biogenic emissions to aerosol formation?
  • How can satellite remote sensing best be used to quantify atmospheric composition?
  • What new techniques are needed to accurately model the earth-atmosphere system?  How can models and satellite measurements be combined to optimize air quality forecasts?
  • What are the fundamental processes that govern chemical formation of particles and oxidants in the atmosphere?

The Atmospheric Sciences program at Michigan Tech reflects this need for a combination of breadth and depth. Participating faculty span five departments and incorporate expertise and research over a wide range of areas of emphasis. Participating students gain the skills needed to address a range of major atmospheric sciences issues through a limited number of required courses, develop a focus in their selected area of emphasis, and have access to a variety of elective courses in other areas of emphasis.

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Michigan Technological University
Atmospheric Sciences Program

Raymond Shaw, Director
1400 Townsend Drive Houghton,
111 Fisher
Michigan, 49931 - 1295, USA
Phone: (906) 487-1961

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Richard E. Honrath
Memorial Page

Dr. Richard E. Honrath
1961 - 2009

In memory of Professor Richard Honrath, our colleague and the founding director of the MTU Atmospheric Sciences Program.

Atmospheric Sciences at Michigan Tech 

Atmospheric Sciences at Michigan Tech 

Atmospheric Sciences at Michigan Tech

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